Summer Skin and fashion Sensational!

Good Evening! It is so nice to be back in the blogging world! Take a look at today´s adorable finds!!


Hair: Milk “Sushi”- Only 5 L from the pink fusion hunt!!!!

Skin: Lumae “Una” tone 6- Group gift from Lumae !!!! 

Dress: Grumble pink fusion hunt gift “Pink Fusion Dress”- Only 5 L from the Pink fusion hunt!!! 


By the way, Lumae is an amazing store! If you love the workings of Aeva/Heartsick, Check it out! Join the Group and get this skin here :  Click here to visit Lumae ! 

Both the hair and dress are from the Pink Fusion hunt! you definitely do NOT want to miss this event! It runs through may 31st, so hurry hurry! The prizes are well worth the 5 L!!!! Blog and Hints here : Click here  for Pink Fusion Hunt Information! 

Happy Hunting, and enjoy your evening!!


Love you all!!!


~Ne Natsume (ahhhhh. it is good to be back! ) 


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